WHY CHOOSE Unity Payroll Solutions?

Unity Payroll Solutions prides itself on taking the complexities out of small to mid-size companies for their payroll administration, tax compliance, human resources, and workers’ compensation because most often they do not have the staff or expertise to handle these functions. We work with clients to get your specific outsourcing needs and then customize a unique solution to help you stay compliant and reduce overhead so you can concentrate on the mechanics of increasing your business and maximizing profitability.


Unity Payroll Solutions works hard for you by lowering labor costs via creating a competitive advantage to our client base. We empower our employees by expanding their knowledge through continuing education and enhanced technology. How are we able to deliver these functions? By building-out our structure via utilization of the right skill set and talent management. This is turn enriches the relationships we strive to build with our clients.

We are located in East Tennessee offering payroll and human resource services across the United States. Our goal is to offer Unity Payroll Solutions services in a professional manner at all times, lower labor costs for clients, and maintain long term relationships by simply “doing it the right way”.